Implementation of office for Polyus company is over

PRIDEX company completed finishing of office interiors for Polyus company. The new headquarter for a Russian mining company is located in the center of Moscow, in the building of new business center on 3, Krasin st.

In the process of construction of this object PRIDEX company executed engineering design and also a complex of engineering and general construction works.

The structure of the building has a regular pass and an elegant look; this suggested to leave all structure visible, not to have false ceilings in common areas, to design closed rooms as “independent cells” detached from slabs in order to guarantee an open view on the floor plan and a perception of dilated spaces.

There was a request of a very high density of employees; this suggested to design a huge number of informal spaces to guarantee a better quality of employees’ working life.

The main guideline of the project is to create a workspace with a relaxing and cozy atmosphere while transmitting a fresh and interesting image with a sort of domestic appearance. For this reason it was decided to work with simple shapes, with a selection of few materials, to prefer natural light properly balanced with artificial one and to give identity to spaces characterizing all elements with a precise selection of colors always in contrast with a natural background.

The project is based on a specific palette of colors that characterize different elements of the project, such as carpet floors, entrance doors to private rooms, furniture, textile inserts in wall covering panels, wall finishing in bathrooms, kitchens and staircases. These colored elements always work in contrast with neutral backgrounds given by grey painted slabs, concrete floorings, wall panels made of natural oak.

PJSC Polyus is the largest gold producer in Russia and a top 10 gold producer globally with one of the lowest cost profiles.
The Company also holds the world’s second largest gold reserves with 68 million ounces of proven and probable gold reserves underpinning its strong growth profile.

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