PRIDEX completed implementation of the office for Sberbank

PRIDEX has completed the implementation of the office for Sberbank, located at the address: 32 Kutuzovsky ave., Moscow. Its area is about 63,000 square meters.

Fulfilling the role of general contractor, PRIDEX performed complex of general construction works and MEP systems works as well as engineering design.

An interesting solution of the reception area was the placement of curved video screens on the columns, under the escalator and on the steps of stairs. Corporate content of Sberbank is continuously broadcasted there.

In the atrium area the general contractor implemented a unique design of the suspended meeting room. The meeting room has an asymmetrical shape, which required special attention during the designing process and calculating attachment points.

The finishing of the corporate conference room is made of carefully fitted perforated wall panels made according to the individual design. Movable transformer panels allow to open the conference room, combining it with the external space of the office, or isolate the room for internal events.

In the office of Sberbank there is a corporate canteen. Producing the design of the room, architects payed great attention to acoustic comfort: for example, round sound-absorbing panels were placed on the ceiling of the dining room, and even in separate areas there were placed small meeting rooms.

Each office floor is painted in its own color, which simplifies navigation through the building. An interesting visual solution was the decoration of the corridor and reception with vertically placed veneered panels. An interesting constructive solution was the organization of modular meeting rooms protruding into the atrium zone on various floors of the building.

In the atrium zone there were implemented two green walls made of only living plants. A convenient automatic system of sequential longline watering supplies water to each plant, so that green walls do not require special care.

Sberbank is a Russian financial conglomerate, the largest transnational and universal bank of the Russian Federation.


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